Everything changed for Pradeep K. Berry on February 28, 2015.

That was the day his wife of forty-one years, Constance A. “Connie” Berry, died. He’s been mourning ever since, and he seeks to cope with his loss in this tribute to his beloved spouse.

Join the author as he shares lessons from a happy marriage, explores the status of his country’s medical system, and honors the woman who made his dreams come true.

About the Author

Pradeep K. Berry

is an executive senior manager in banking and finance who has conducted viability studies of thousands of diversified companies to determine loans for working capital, mergers and acquisitions, and other purposes.

He is an expert in handling the turnaround of sick companies, focussing extensively upon turnaround and crisis management.

Besides all of this, he is a prolific author who loves to read and write. Having written two books already detailing the joys of his marriage and tragedy of his wife’s passing, the author has plans to write another book focusing on his professional career.

My Connie

In My Connie, Pradeep Berry celebrates he and his wife’s love—a love that could never have happened if he hadn’t left his home in India for the United States. With only seven dollars in his pocket at the time, he couldn’t have dreamed of meeting a beautiful, intelligent, American woman--let alone making her his wife.

The author’s family embraced Connie as soon as they realized she was polite, smart, and self-made. In short order, she became the star of the family.

Berry lovingly describes Connie’s qualities, character, and ethics as well as her professional career. He observes that even though he’s been in tremendous pain since she died, he would have never had such a long and happy marriage if he and Connie had not loved each other so much.


The Untold Secret of My Connie; My First and Last Love (With Medical Negligence)

Berry’s latest book details the events surrounding the tragic passing of his late wife, Connie. It is a tale of falsified documents, unauthorised phone calls and medical negligence. In this work, the author describes his conviction that the medical staff in charge of his wife’s care were responsible for her premature demise.

Marked by skin-crawling scenes and evidence of foul play and conspiracy, Berry tells the story of his wife’s final days in a slightly different light. He describes the countless hours he spent by her side, waiting helplessly for her recovery while some key actors would have wanted him to leave. Sadly, all it took was one hour for them to act, and Berry relates his deep remorse for ever letting it happen.

A tragic tale of negligence, ‘The Untold Secret’ is more than an accusation. It is the story of a man’s journey toward justice, in the face of malpractice and dishonesty. As in his first book, Berry conveys his adoration of Connie in beautiful descriptions and heartfelt images; the true inspiration of his work is undying, though she may have left this world in body.